Monday, August 17, 2009


Flickr I found was a very useful tool to store, share and edit photo's and video's. It is particular good as you can choose who you share your photo's with and can choose to share different groups of photo's with different groups of friends or the general community. Flickr was easy to set up however I did not like the fact I had to set up yet another email address through Yahoo. If anyone knows how to get around that please let me know! I can see how this website would be useful for students to share photo's, perhaps for art, however it think it would need to be closely monitored. Teachers would need to make sure that students are only sharing the photo's with the selected school community. It would be a good tool though for students to share photo's on particular topics however I think the lessons would need to be very carefully scaffold ed to ensure the lesson reached the specific intended learning outcomes. Flickr would be an excellent tool for older students who are doing photography to use as a portfolio. The teacher could make the portfolio an assessment piece where students were able to share and present their work to teacher's and peers. This tool would an interesting way for students to present their photo's rather than just in project books or cardboard. Through carefully scaffolded lessons teachers could use this tool to promote Active Learning within their classroom as Flickr would involve students using activity-based learning experiences that encompass an input, process, and output (2000). Input being the photo's, being involved in the process of presenting their photo's and the output of their final Flickr portfolio.

Again this is a very useful tool however students would need to be given time to get used to the tools and become familiar with the program.

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ACU Adams Center for Teaching Excellence. (2000) Active learning online. Retrieved July 29, 2009,


  1. Hi Tamara,
    I too love the idea of Flickr. However I am not sure how this could be monitored within Education Queensland Schools and even if you are allowed to have access? at this point I will just be using it to find pictures for learning and storing my photos privately. I love the photo you found is it from Australia?

  2. Hello,

    Yes I did not even think of that Melody. It would be interesting to test it at school one time. I think I will be doing the same thing and just be using it to find photo's for presentations and lessons.

    Thanks Tam