Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Image Manipulation

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I thought Picnik was a great tool for the manipulation of photo's. The photo above was the original photo and the one on the right is the one I cropped, roltated and resized using Picnik. It looks much better and is allot clearer. The program makes it easier than some other programs I have tried to use in the past. I especially like the way it allows you to download the photo's to your computer so you can then use them in other applications, such as PowerPoint. I'm not quite sure if you could use it as an actual assessment task but students would certainly be able to use it as part of their overall assessment tasks. Students would really enjoy exploring the program but the teacher would have to make sure they were actually fulfilling an actual learning outcome. However, like I said the actual tool would be very useful for them to use in projects.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory suggests that learners had a variety of abilities in different areas (Cheek, 2006). Picnik would be great tool to support students in the visual category who learn and are interested in learning through such as visual displays as photo's, video's, slides, flip chart's and lively picture rich textbooks. Picnik would allow these students to use and extend their abilities using this program to present their knowledge using pictures.

This program is a great program but I wonder if it would be allowed to be used by Education Queensland. This is something that would have to be double checked before teachers made it apart of their learning experiences.


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