Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slideshare File Storage

Well after about four hours I finally worked out what I was doing wrong! Guess its all part of the learning.

After I finally got the hang of it I can understand the benefit of SlideShare. It would be a great tool for teachers to use as they can share their work with others and use other peoples slide shows in the classroom. And I especially like that you can make your own adjustment to suit your class. Overall I think its a great tool for teachers and would really benefit students as their teachers would have access to some fantastic Slide shows.

The above slide show is what I used for my grade six class last year. They really enjoyed it as it was not just paper based and included some video footage on an actual Tsunami.


  1. Glad yoou worked it out haha! I found it confusing as well... Your slide looks great let me know how it goes at school..

  2. I have already used this last year in my grade six class. It went relly well and the kids really enjoyed it. It gave them a real sense of what and how big a Tsunami acutally is.
    Thanks Tam