Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What an excellent tool Voki is to use in the classroom. Voki would be a fantastic way to engage learners or to use as a hook. This would be especially great with younger students. Voki could also be used to explain a task either on power point or a blog. Teachers could also allow students to use Voki in their own presentations or learning activities.

Voki would be an excellent tool to use in conjunction with the teaching theory of active learning. Active learning suggests that learners retain and transfer knowledge most efficiently through concrete activity-based experiences (2000). Which involve input from multiple sources through multiple senses (hearing, seeing, feeling, etc.). Voki is an excellent tool to use by students and teachers as it allows them to use a majority of the senses, therefor increasing knowledge retention (2000). Voki could be used in one or all the three stages of the active learning process, which includes input, process and output (2000). For example the teacher could introduce the task via a Voki as the hook. They could continue its use into the process stage allowing students to use Voki in their learning experience activities. Or they could allow students to use Voki to explain what they had learnt at the end of the experience using a Voki.

How Voki is used in the classroom would depend on the particular class but I believe it could be utilised in any classroom on many different levels. I think it would also be something students would enjoy and be interested in exploring.


ACU Adams Center for Teaching Excellence. (2000) Active learning online. Retrieved July 29, 2009, http://www.acu.edu/cte/activelearning/whatisal.htm

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