Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mediafire has a couple of really great benefits. It allows you to share files with others but to also store your personal files so that if anything happened to your computer you still have all the files available via the web. This would defiantly save allot of heart ache for teachers who had built up there files and resources over a long period of time.

Mediafire also allows people to share files and images with people such as clients, partners, colleagues, customers, students, friends, and family (Mediafire, 2009). Medifire explains on its website that because digital media has changed so much large documents require larger files and more storage space. It goes on to say that MediaFire 'allows you to store all your files online for easy secure access and enables you to distribute large files to hundreds or thousands of people without clogging in boxes or bogging down your website (Medaifire, 2009).' I think this is also a fantastic point. As teachers over the years we are going to accumulate allot of resources and the reality is we would have to burn these files onto disk which can get lost or damaged. I think Mediafire would be a great alternative for storage and would also allow you to access older/newer files anywhere and any time via the web.

It also allows you to create files for different people and only share certain files with certain people which I think is fantastic. You can keep your professional groups and personal groups in the one place choosing who you share and collaborate with.

A fantastic tool and one I will defiantly be keeping in mind as I near my final year at uni.


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